About Oishii

Made by a lass with a love for salads, Japanese flavours and natural quality ingredients.


How it all started...

On a sunny day in Tokyo, my partner (Ben) and I (Kirsty) made a discovery: Japanese salad dressing is EXTREMELY delicious! During the rest of our tour of Japan we ordered salad everywhere we went, purely because the dressing was so good! Upon returning to Scotland, we decided to make our own, inspired by all the dressings we sampled in Japan. 

20 guinea pigs later (aka family), and after a lot of tweaking, we had created a dressing that we love! What better to name it, than... Oishii (meaning 'delicious' in Japanese). 

When a salad is soaked in Oishii, you won't want it to end! My sister (not much of a salad eater) loved it, ate salad for 5 days in a row until the dressing was done... then asked me to make her more! This got me thinking that if better dressings were available to buy, it would encourage people to eat more salad. I designed a logo, bottled Oishii Original and took it to farmers' markets across Ayrshire in the Summer of 2018 to see if others loved it as much as I did, or if my family were just being polite :) I was blown away by the positive feedback! The biggest compliment being the customer who bought a National Trust membership so that she could attend the Culzean Castle market just to buy more Oishii! 

I have since brought out 4 more flavours and have started to sell in local independent shops. It's a privilege to see Oishii in some of my favourite shops beside other products which I love.

I really hope you love Oishii as much as I do! Why not try it out on someone who isn't a fan of salad, and see if you can convert them with a little help from Oishii?


We are BIG fans of this planet, and so sustainability is REALLY important to us.  We have avoided plastic and opted for glass bottles, tin lids, paper labels. We only use paper bags and biodegradable forks and plates for distributing samples. All of our promotional material is made using recycled paper. We use an ethical bank. We deliver Oishii in a fully electric car.

We also value the importance of supporting fellow small independent businesses and we therefore buy locally wherever possible. Our fresh produce is sourced from Grants, Prestwick. Our organic Japanese Rice vinegar is sourced from Greencity Wholefoods in Glasgow. Our rapeseed oil is sourced from Cullisse farm in the Scottish highlands. 

Last but not least, we donate 10% of profits to the charity FareShare who tackle food waste and hunger in the UK.